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Principles of Industry in EVE Online

Added: 2014-07-02T15:03+00:00
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This is not a feature blog, but rather a view of the bigger picture, of what we're up to and what you can expect out of it.

Coming into this industry work, we had two main goals. Firstly, industry should be easy to understand. Once you've decided what you want to do, it should be obvious how you do it. The UI should be easier for you to read and easier for you to use, and it should be simple for you to understand the consequences of your actions. If you want to do an invention job, for example, you select a blueprint, see what materials you need, what skills are affecting the outcomes, and what your chances of success are, and then just click the "OK, invent me this" button so you can get on with your next job. The math is simpler, the factors affecting each job are clear and consistently presented, and every click represents an actual decision to be made.

Secondly, industry should be interesting and skillful. You should feel that *you* are "good at industry", rather than just that your character is. You're good at industry because you make good decisions, you outsmart your competitors, you've invested in the right places and you're ahead of the market. You invest in the long term, and those investments pay off, and you stay involved because there's always something new to do, some new market to conquer, some new tricks to learn, some new process to master.

EVE industry generally treads a different path to comparable professions in other games. You're not crafting that one perfect weapon, trying to work out the perfect ratios of rare ingredients, because you're not a master craftsman, you're a master industrialist, and you work at /scale/. And in the new system, that's where your challenges will be: how to scale up, how to spread out, where to settle and when to move.

Your sums will drift over time, as the activities of other players around you affect your costs and your outputs, and you'll have to figure out who to team up with and who to compete against. Maybe you'll find a quiet backwater system and hire mercenaries to keep others out and your costs down. Maybe you'll cut a deal with some fledgling nullsec group, trading arms for facility access. Or maybe you'll pick a high-value system and form a local industrial cartel to control the system and outbid those heathens in Jita for the best manufacturing teams. And you'll always be asking "am I working in the right place?", but the answer will only rarely be "no, I should move" - because industry works on a slower cycle, and because in teams and player interactions you have the tools to change the answer if you don't like it.

This is the world we're trying to create, the industry that New Eden deserves: one where you're in charge, where you're facing a new challenge every day, and where you have all the freedom in the world to decide how to solve it.

Crius will be the first step in this process that you'll experience, laying the groundwork for future development. You'll see further improvements to invention and reverse engineering in follow-up releases, along with tweaks and enhancements to the Crius release, and possibly a few extra surprises - all aligned around giving you more control and more options, making the work easier and the decisions harder.

This blog is a bit of an experiment, to see if this kind of blog is a useful addition to our usual feature-heavy ones. If it goes down well, we’ll probably do more, and if you think there are ways we can do it better, please let us know in the comments and we’ll tune future iterations accordingly!

Build safe,



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Testing EVE Online's graphics with 'EVE Probe'

Added: 2014-07-01T13:41+00:00
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Team RnB is hard at work on EVE Probe – a standalone application that uses Trinity, the graphics engine from EVE, and will act as our test bed for optimizations and new features. CCP Snorlax had a presentation on this at Fanfest this year (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apyD43WQjQ4) – if you missed it there you can follow the link or read all about it here.

Know how sometimes you get crashes that we can´t reproduce? It may be a full crash to desktop, or it could be the display driver becoming unresponsive and recovering after some time.

We hate that as much as you do!

Part of the problem is that computer games, as opposed to console games, don’t really run on a fixed platform. EVE runs under Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 – the graphics hardware from Nvidia, AMD and Intel comes in a wide variety, and their drivers are updated frequently. Then let us not forget about the Mac, where we even have the added complexity of running under an emulation layer. We’ve counted 855 different GPUs in use by EVE players.

We simply cannot test all these configurations. Even if we had the hardware/software setup to cover a sizeable portion of these setups, we wouldn’t have the manpower to manually test every release on all of them.

This is where EVE Probe comes in.

EVE Probe plays back animated scenes using the very same graphics engine as the EVE client, but everything is deterministic and not dependent on player input. When it is ready, we will offer it for download so you can run it on your machine – with your graphics hardware and your exact configuration. EVE Probe then gathers performance data, such as frame times and memory usage and sends that back to our server, along with your machine specs and display settings. This gives us valuable feedback on the performance of our engine on a much wider variety of computer configurations than we could ever hope to cover in-house.

Note that this data is sent anonymously and we don’t collect any data that could be used to identify any individuals – all we care about are the machine specs.

Moving forward, we will release new features and optimizations through EVE Probe first, before they are ever used in the EVE client itself. With your cooperation, we can get much better test coverage of new features and optimizations, on a wider variety of graphics hardware and software configurations. This will result in a more stable and better performing EVE client.

EVE Probe will use the same crash handling mechanism as we’ve built into the EVE client. The crash dumps we get back from EVE clients are useful in helping us fix crash bugs, but often they are hard to decipher without some context – we don’t know what was going on when it crashed, we don’t have logs to give us some background and don’t know how to reproduce it. If EVE Probe crashes we will have this context, as the playback is deterministic. This will help us greatly in reducing crashes in the graphics engine.

When will it ship? When it’s ready! We feel it’s too soon to commit to a date, but it will be this summer. We’ve started using EVE Probe internally for automated tests, and are using it to make our lives easier when doing more detailed performance measurements. We’ve just started handing it out to select people outside the team for feedback and will do a full internal release in the upcoming weeks. Once we’ve ensured that the user experience is smooth and our backend infrastructure for gathering data is solid we’ll start rolling EVE Probe out to a wider audience.




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Coming in Crius: Introducing what's in EVE's big industry release

Added: 2014-06-27T00:00+00:00
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Crius, the next release for EVE Online, will bring about a massive set of new features and changes to science, manufacturing, research and reprocessing in EVE. For those new to manufacturing in EVE Online, it’ll be the perfect time to try building your own ships and ammunition, or to  try setting up a small operation at a starbase.

The ambitious industrialist will be able to better outsmart the market by making decisions about where to build thanks to a powerful new toolset to help create opportunities for specialization. There are new “sandbox gameplay” elements for collaborating with others in the business of creating manufacturing hubs for certain goods by recruiting the right kind of workforce to the area. These changes are part of our long-running arc that gives capsuleers more and more control and possibilities to colonize the New Eden universe.

If you have been fascinated by the market and industry aspects of EVE Online but not tried this area of EVE yet, Crius is the time to jump in!

Here are the features coming in Crius on July 22nd. These features were introduced in a set of dev blogs in the spring and in keynotes at Fanfest, but many of them have now matured and you can expect a new set of dev blogs with updates on each feature before Crius. You can also try all of these changes right now on Singularity, our public test server.

A new experience for manufacturing, research, blueprint copying, invention and reverse engineering


(click to enlarge)

Crius brings a complete overhaul of the tools for industry activities, making the materials or actions needed visible, with instantly calculated results and clear breakdowns of what aspects of the process you can affect. The changes were introduced in this blog, and another blog with the latest updates is in the making.


Dynamic pricing across the universe

Limitations on slots for science and industry jobs in stations will be removed in Crius. Instead the cost of running jobs are affected by the amount of activity in a solar system that competes for the same workforce, the kind of facility you choose, and a number of other factors that you can make decisions about. These changes were introduced in this blog, and another blog with the latest updates is in the making.



Travelling worker teams

Crius brings a new way to affect the results of science and industry jobs by recruiting specialized teams to the system you are in. These teams bring their knowledge and skills to affect the outcome of jobs (at a certain cost) and give industrialists further ways to gain an edge on their competitors. These changes were introduced in this blog, and another blog with the latest updates is in the making.


Reprocessing renewed


(click to enlarge)

Items and materials reprocessing changes to provide more options for specialization through skills and choosing the right kind of facility. The new interface gives clear breakdowns of the outcomes of reprocessing. These changes were introduced in this blog.


Blueprints and research

Crius brings changes to give players more clarity and control over how to invest in researching their blueprints. These changes were introduced in this blog, and another blog with the latest updates is in the making.



Starbases get a number of new benefits for industrial activity and will be easier to build all over New Eden. You can read about the changes in this devblog.


Dynamic station sound

With Crius, the sound environment in stations will change based on the type and amount of industrial activity in the station.


New API endpoints for industry features

With Crius, we are releasing a number of new industry related features in both the EVE API and Public CREST that 3rd Party Developers and crafty individuals can use to create tools. Read all about it in this devblog.


Fleet Warp Opt-out

With Crius, players in a fleet will be able to opt out of taking fleet warps, which is useful for a number of roles in a fleet.


Fit modules without having the required skills

With this change, those preparing ships for others can do so without having the skills required to fit the modules. Skills are still needed to online modules.


There will be a few other things slipping in as we get closer to release. Keep an eye out for updated dev blogs on all of the above. May the factories of New Eden run hot!


CCP Seagull

Senior Producer, EVE Development


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Alliance Tournament XII - Teams revealed

Added: 2014-06-19T15:43+00:00
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Here we are at last! The Tournament Team has detailed the rules and format, teams have signed up to meet and do glorious battle in beautiful space as well as have access to a tournament practice server, there shall be pretty faces with witty voices saying clever things, and fantastic prizes for all. Alliance Tournament XII is looking good!

Let's not delay any further. After 63 alliances signed up for the tournament, we decided to allow for late signups for alliances that forgot or didn't sign up. One alliance had to drop out of the tournament, and therefore we drew two names out of a group of eight late signees. Here is the entire roster of teams that will compete for glory in Alliance Tournament XII:

The following teams get the late signups spots as the result of a random draw between eight teams:

The two alliances comprising Red Vs. Blue are considered a single entity and therefore field one team made up of members from both Red and Blue. The same principles apply for The Initiative. and Initiative Mercenaries; and The Gorgon Empire and The Gorgon Spawn.

The first matches will be played on Saturday, August 16th. Tune in to the CCP twitch channel and enjoy some quality spaceship player vs. player combat with us!


On behalf of the Tournament Team

- CCP Gargant

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Upcoming API Changes for Industry

Added: 2014-06-18T14:38+00:00
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Another API-related dev blog in a matter of weeks. This is getting out of hand. I may have to stop writing them if this is the pace they are happening. For now however we need to have a quick talk about changes that are coming to the EVE API in the July Crius release.

Right now there are two endpoints from which you can get industry jobs from: corp/IndustryJobs and char/IndustryJobs. The information relating to industry jobs is changing pretty drastically in Crius and so something had to be done about these two endpoints. Given that the EVE API does not really support versioning we came up with two options:

1) Leave the current endpoints in place and just have them stop returning data. They would act as if you had no jobs, so the boiler plate data would be there but no rows. We would then add a new endpoint along the lines of char/newIndustryJobs (or my favourite suggestions char/stEVEJobs).

2) The second option is to convert the existing endpoint and give third party developers as much time as possible to update their stuff. Doing this would require we get these endpoints live on the Singularity (Sisi) test server ASAP for testing.

It's a tough choice but after asking the CSM, #eve-dev, others around the office, and just thinking about it for a bit, we have chosen to go with option 2. We will replace the existing IndustryJobs endpoints with new data and hope we don't anger many people. To that end the following API changes are live on Sisi right now:

Added corp/Facilities:

Updated char/IndustryJobs and corp/IndustryJobs:

Added char/IndustryJobsHistory and corp/IndustryJobsHistory:

The above is all on Sisi right now so you guys can get testing and update your stuff. We will be listening to your feedback in the comments of this dev blog and we still have plenty of time before Crius goes live to change how we are doing this if that is deemed the correct course of action.


As an extra special bonus CCP Tuxford has added two new endpoints to public CREST on Sisi for industry related activities.

You can find them here: public-crest-sisi.testeveonline.com/industry/


All of the above is on Sisi and still in active development. While we will try and keep you apprised of any changes, things may change before they are released to TQ.

That's all for now, just a quick heads up on things to be aware of.

CCP FoxFour


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Starbase changes for Crius

Added: 2014-06-16T13:53+00:00
A blog by:

Hello space ladies and gentlemen.

While you are all enjoying the new content available in Kronos, we would like to draw your attention to what’s coming up in Crius, our next release. This blog is specifically about tweaks and changes related to player-owned starbases, and while some of the information you’ll see here may previously have been available in various other blogs and forum threads, we figured you could use a central place to read it.

Reprocessing Arrays

As mentioned in our “reprocess all the things” blog, we are revamping Starbase Reprocessing Arrays for Crius. Those will now provide much better reprocessing abilities. Below are their exact attributes.

Let’s go into a little more detail on how they are going to work:

Compression Arrays

Firstly we want to mention that we have further simplified how compression is generally going to work:

Example: I have 100 units of Veldspar in the Compression Array with a total volume of 10m3. After compressing them I will receive 1 unit of Compressed Veldspar with a volume of 0.15m3 (this may displayed as 0.2 in the client due to how rounding works).

Secondly, we are introducing a Starbase Compression Array. With perfect reprocessing rates being no longer achievable, this structure becomes quite important to faciliting the movement of ore. Here are the attributes.

Compression works in a similar way to reprocessing:

Removal of slots for stations and starbases, to be replaced with tax scaling

As explained in “the Price of Change”, manufacturing and science slots are going away, to be replaced with a cost scaling system. While Starbases will be subject to the same global formula, use of them won't suffer taxation as NPC stations do.

Remote usage station changes

Another drastic change is that blueprints safely stored in a regular station can no longer be used for jobs in Starbase structures. Players will still be able to remotely start Starbase jobs from several solar systems away, but the blueprints will now have to be physically available in the structure for it to properly start.

Structure cost scaling

Removing slots from industry jobs discourage players from stacking more than one Starbase structure of the same type at a Control Tower. To counteract this point, we are going to give specific bonuses when Starbase structures of the same type are stacked together at the same control tower.

This bonus is going to be a flat reduction on the whole job cost price, whose amount and total bonus varies depending on the Starbase structure itself.

Structure Type

Cost reduction per structure

Max bonus per structure

Medium Ship Assembly, Advanced Medium Ship Assembly, Subsystem Assembly



Large Ship Assembly, Advanced Large Ship Assembly, Capital Ship Assembly



Design Laboratory, Experimental Laboratory, Hyasyoda Research Laboratory, Research Laboratory



Drug Lab, Ammunition Assembly, Drone Assembly, Component Assembly, Equipment Assembly, Rapid Equipment Assembly



Supercapital Ship Assembly



Advanced Small Ship Assembly, Small Ship Assembly



In practice, this means that stacking 13 Medium Ship Assembly, Advanced Medium Assembly or Subsystem Assembly Arrays will reduce the total cost to start a manufacturing job at any of those structures by 26%. Those bonuses are not system wide, which means that structures at two different locations inside the same solar system will not stack together.

Restrictions on starbase anchoring removed

Control Towers will no longer require faction standings to be anchored in high-security space. Moreover, Control Towers will now be anchorable in previously restricted solar systems like 0.8 and above.

Timed restriction to anchor Control Towers

Newly formed corporations will need to wait 7 days before being able to anchor Starbases. This is to inhibit players from immediately moving Starbase assets to another corporation if under a war declaration.

Improving Mobile Laboratories

Based on this forum thread:

Changes to Research labs:

Changes to Design labs:

Changes to Hyasyoda labs:

Improving Assembly Arrays

Based on the same forum thread:

Assembly Arrays have their cargohold increased to the following amounts:

Material discount changes

We are modifying how Material Efficiency (ME) reduction works on materials. Instead of being applied on individual runs, they will now apply to a whole job. That means that manufacturing a large batch of items will still give some reduction on Assembly Arrays instead of being simply negated.

Some rules:

Thukker Component Assembly Array

As we mentioned some time ago, we are also going to introduce a new type of Component Assembly Array to help low-security Capital ship builders to compete with the reprocessing changes.

This structure will give 25% reduction in manufacturing time, 10% reduction in manufacturing required materials and may only be anchored in low-security solar systems. It may only be used to build Capital Construction Components and Advanced Capital Construction Components.

Skill changes:

We are changing the Starbase Defense Management skill to only require Anchoring at 4 instead of 5, in order to ease entry of access into Starbase manual control.

The Supply Chain Management and Scientific Networking skills are also receiving some small changes. Currently you need level 1 to be able to either start Manufacturing or Science jobs in the solar system the blueprint is in, which each subsequent level increasing starting distance to 5 jumps, with level 5 giving you full regional control. We are modifiying those so that starting local jobs in the same solar system the blueprint is in doesn't require any skill, while each level of Supply Chain Management and Scientific Networking increase job starting distance by 5 jumps, up to a total distance of 25 jumps. This reduces dependency on region boundaries which may actually be closer than 25 jumps in some cases.

Removal of Starbase Assembly Line settings:

As mentioned in this thread, since blueprints cannot be remotely using Starbase structures, the whole appeal of this functionality is greatly reduced. As such, we are removing it to reduce confusion as a whole – this will be added back when we get to fully revamp Starbases in the future.

The end

We hope this will shed some light on the various changes coming to Starbases in the Crius release on July 22nd and help you make the right industrial decisions before its goes live.

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POCOs and Wars coming to an API near you!

Added: 2014-06-05T15:35+00:00
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Well crud,

It's been some time since there was a dev blog on API related stuff. This will be a pretty brief dev blog but should contain a few interesting things.

This dev blog is aimed at Third Party Developers for EVE and contains technical details for new API endpoints. Without further ado let’s get this show on the road.

POCOs in the EVE API

You can currently get a list of all your corporations Player-Owned Customs Offices (POCOs) by looking at your corporations asset list through the EVE API. That’s however very limiting in that it only tells you that you have some POCOs, not how they are configured. We have added corp/CustomsOffices to the EVE API which will require a CEO or director level corporation API key with the asset list access mask. Provide that and you will get a list of all your corporations POCOs and their configured settings.

Due to limitations with the EVE API and how the data is stored for POCOs in the database, we unfortunately are not returning information on what planet the POCOs are orbiting. We are however returning the POCOs item ID which, just like you can now from the asset list endpoint, take that item ID and send it to the corp/Locations endpoint. From that you will get an X, Y, Z returned. Use that information with information from the EVE SDE and you can look up what planet a POCO orbits.

If you are really lazy, and trust Steve Ronuken, you can use his API to look this up: https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/tools/api-map-data/

Player Wars in Public CREST

Wars are a fun thing and we like to show a corporations war history in the client. That is all fine and dandy. However we think you pilots can do some cool stuff with war information, especially some cool over time charts. With this in mind and the fact that wars are public information in the EVE client, we have added a new endpoint to public CREST. The endpoint will be /wars/ and will list all wars in the history of EVE Online, right back to warID 1. You can then go /wars/<warID>/ and get detailed information on the specific war. Please keep in mind some information, such as ISK and ships killed, only started getting tracked with the wars revamp. The final resource you can expect is /wars/<warID>/killmails/all/ which will list all killmails associated with the specified war. Again, this is all information available in the EVE client and we are just making it available via public CREST.

Test Server

We have recently opened up the ability to generate API keys for the Sisi API which means you can actually test these and future updates: https://community.testeveonline.com/support/api-key

POCOs: http://api.testeveonline.com/corp/CustomsOffices.xml.aspx?keyID=XXXX&vCode=XXXX

Wars: http://public-crest-sisi.testeveonline.com/wars/


After wanting to put new documentation on the EVElopedia site relating to third party developers it became clear that the third party developers section of EVElopedia was not in good shape. Due to this we decided to make some changes. We began with deleting all information on the wiki we could find relating to third party developers. Not only was the wiki missing information lots of it was wrong, which is worse. After deleting it all we started putting new documentation up which you can find here: https://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Third_Party_Developers

It is a wiki so if you feel like contributing please feel free to do so. There is a forum thread here to discuss things relating to this endevour: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=346902&find=unread

Finding out about these updates

Recently we have been making changes to the EVE API and public CREST at a fairly fast pace and in some cases in pretty minor changes. That combined with the fact that most of these releases don't happen at the same time as an EVE release means that there is often not a dev blog about this stuff. So where then does this stuff get announced and where can you go to find out information on changes?

The simplest place to find out about updates to TQ is check this post here: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=4384137#post4384137

If you want to know about changes ahead of time, discuss them, know when they are on the test server, and that kind of thing, you should follow this thread: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=332097&find=unread

More generally you should check out the Technology Lab forum. We are trying very hard to make sure the things we do are posted and discussed there: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=topics&f=263

When are these updates being released

This stuff is all live on Tranquilty (TQ) right now.


Thanks for reading guys, hope you come join the discussion in the tech lag forums, and finally: BLARG!

CCP FoxFour


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The New Eden Store

Added: 2014-06-02T17:04+00:00
A blog by:

Greetings pilots!

In the Kronos release (tomorrow June 3rd), we have revamped the experience for browsing virtual items in EVE Online. In the grand-opened New Eden Store, which replaces the Noble Exchange (NEX) store, you can buy visual customization for your avatar or ship for the virtual currency AURUM. In the future, it will also be the place to go for services like multiple character training, character re-sculpting and other options you might want to purchase for either AURUM or PLEX. 

There are three big changes compared to the current store:

The new store does not represent any change in our strategy for virtual goods in EVE Online. We will continue to sell visual customization and convenience services and have no plans or intentions to sell items that give gameplay advantages.

Read on for more details on all of these changes!


One AURUM wallet per user account

Before it was your character that did the shopping, and each had a separate AUR balance on in their own wallets. On June 3rd we will move this interaction to the user level. All AUR from all characters under the same login will be moved to a new wallet within the New Eden Store and all traces of AUR will be deleted from the character level. This consolidation will simply add up all the AUR characters on the same account have and then move the total sum to the New Eden Store wallet. 

When items are bought in the new store, those items will be placed in your Redeemable Items queue. That will then allow you to move the item to a character of your choice through the Character selection screen or via the new Neocom in-game icon. Currently the same technical restrictions apply with the redeeming queue as before; you can only move items from the redeeming queue to a character if that character is located in a station. We are fully aware of the predicament that places characters in that don’t have an easy access to a station and we will work on addressing that, meaning that we aim at allowing you to move items from the Redeemable Items queue to any valid inventory location that your character has access to, be that a cargo hold or a jet can if you are logged in on that character. Look for that in one of our future releases.

New item catalog and AURUM pricing


The new store will launch with 105 entries. Of those over 60 items will be new and never seen before. A healthy mix of clothing items, two new full-sleeve tattoos (for both right and left arms) and four new ship skins will be offered. 

The price ranges for a single item in the first iteration will go from 45 AUR (for a frigate ship skin) to 1500 AUR (for the full sleeve ‘Wreckage’ tattoo), while the 10 run blueprints will range from 400 Aurum (10 frigate skins) to 3000 Aurum (10 battleship skins). We will be offering more items in the future at a faster rate than previously and there will be regular sales and special offers. 

With the release of the New Eden Store, we will stop selling Aurum Tokens and start selling Aurum directly instead. Existing Aurum Tokens can still be redeemed for Aurum – we will just stop selling new ones. You can also continue to convert your PLEX into AUR like previously. Coupled with the AURUM sales we are changing the pricing structure. You will now get slightly more AURUM when purchasing directly.

The new Aurum prices are as follows:

Aurum price changes

Number of Aurum











A new store experience


The new store offers all the conveniences of filtering, whether that is by ship skins or apparel, for male or female characters or more. There is also a search available so you can quickly find your favorite item.


Take a look at the New Eden Store when Kronos hits – we hope you find something you like!

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Alliance Tournament XII - Commentators revealed

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Signups for Alliance Tournament XII are now live! Get your alliance executor online and tell him to sign your alliance up because there is glory to be earned! There will be fabulous ship prizes as always, immortality in the Alliance Tournament halls of fame, and bragging rights to last you a year.

The signup page is located here.

For information on the format of the tournament and rules, go read this previous blog. The signups will remain open until 23:59 UTC on the 8th of June, so sign up to have a chance at a spot in the random draw!

The EVE TV Commentator Team

Commentators from the community have been a long standing tradition of the Alliance Tournament, as EVE-savvy pilots provide their expertise on exploding ships, the hidden metagame behind the competition, and the chest-thumping bravado of the 64 competing alliances. This year is no different as we have selected four people from the outstanding applicant pool to join the EVE TV team in livestreaming the matches. They will fly to Iceland to be a part of the studio for the final two weekends of the tournament. The amount of talented people that applied this year was staggering and selection was a grueling, violent internal process. 

Here are the four players that will be joining veterans CCP Rise and CCP Fozzie on the EVE TV commentator team as they analyze how and why ships explode and intensely celebrate the occasional arena boundary violation.

Elise Randolph

While Elise Randolph is perhaps best known for his duties on CSM 6 and CSM 7, he is also a well-known FC for Pandemic Legion. While not CSM'ing or FC'ing, Elise is also a tournament veteran participating in each Tournament since AT VI with the most successful team to date. His three gold medals and one bronze make him most decorated commentator since EVE's beloved Shadoo. He joins the Alliance Tournament team to share his passion for the tournament while providing insight and analysis for both the seasoned pro and the tournament-newbie alike.



Also known as Ceofore Aideron, SirSqueebles is primarily a lowsec PvPer basing out of hisec. He's the founder and CEO of Ubiquitous Hurt which is currently a member of Exodus. You may know him best from his Twitch.tv streaming channel or for his role as a pilot for Team WEHURT, last seen competing in the New Eden Open II.



Returning from ATXI is Bacchanalian of Rote Kapelle. With 8 tournaments of experience as a pilot or captain, he is a veteran of small gang combat both in tournament formats and out in New Eden.  He feels strongly that every time someone puts a missile launcher on a Curse, an angel loses its wings.



Apothne is a relatively new player from 2010, but didn’t really get into EVE until August 2012 after joining EVE University (E-UNI) and falling in love with FCing and fleet combat. He watched the ATX that year not having a damn clue what was going on, but enjoyed the show and casting very much. In February he joined SniggWaffe whereupon he had the opportunity to fly in ATXI, which was an incredible experience and led him to the commentary booth for ATXII.


We have newcomers. We have veterans. We have surprises. We have glory, explosions, and internet spaceship rivalries. If there ever was a time to participate in the alliance tournament for the first time, this is it. I don't know about you, but I'm already pretty excited!

On behalf of the Tournament Team

- CCP Gargant

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Ship and Module Balancing in Kronos

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The Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything

Ship and Module Balancing in Kronos


Greetings and salutations gallant capsuleers. This is CCP Fozzie bringing you another in our continuous series of balance summary dev blogs.

For the Kronos release next Tuesday we are extremely proud to be bringing you four new ships and thirty eight rebalanced ships. That’s on top of a heap of new modules and rigs and a complete rebuilding of the drone weapon system.

This blog will summarize all the ship and module balancing goodness that you will find waiting for you on June 3rd, and link to all the other applicable dev blogs and forum posts to ensure you get all the juicy details you could ever dream of. As usual for these balance summary blogs nothing here will be completely new to those of you who have been following each and every one of our threads on the forums, but this blog will provide the one stop shop for collecting the Kronos changes.

I want to give a special thanks to all of the players who have provided useful feedback in our many forum threads so far, as well as to your elected CSM representatives who have been working with us at every step of this process. We are building this amazing universe in partnership with all of you and your participation is what sets EVE Online apart.

There are two major themes to be found in the Kronos release’s ship balancing. Most of the ship changes in this release fall into one or the other category, and these two tracks connect strongly to what’s happening in the rest of EVE Online’s ongoing development.

The first theme is the ascendancy of pirates and mercenaries. As the established empires of New Eden continue their decline, capsuleers haven’t been the only beneficiaries. The organizations once pushed to the fringes of society are filling the power vacuum and seizing new opportunities with traditional outlaw resourcefulness. The Guristas Pirates in particular are thriving in this new environment; buoyed by forward-thinking leadership, supreme self-confidence and some “outside the box” recruitment methods.

The surging Guristas represent both challenges and opportunities for other factions, most notably the mercenary forces of Mordu’s Legion. The Legion’s base of operations is situated in lawless nullsec space at the border of Guristas and Serpentis territories, and they have endeavored to keep up with their neighbors in a growing arms race. The Kronos release will see Mordu’s Legion release a new line of advanced combat ships usable by capsuleers. At the same time they are also launching a series of targeted operations in low security space. The goals of these attacks remain clouded in secrecy, but military experts agree that the when the Legion begins an operation there is always a deliberate purpose behind their actions.

The second theme visible in the ship balancing of the Kronos release is advancements in industrial technology. EVE Online is rapidly approaching the Crius release and with it the most significant set of improvements to Industry gameplay in a decade. To compliment these Industry changes, many of the ships involved in Industrial activity are receiving significant upgrades in Kronos. Hauling and mining are two absolutely foundational activities for the EVE Online economy, and both are seeing their options expanded in Kronos.

Now let’s get to all the changes!


Soldiers of Fortune: Mordu’s Legion Ships

(click to enlarge)

Dev Blog

Forum Thread

Three of the most exciting ships in the Kronos release are being introduced by Mordu’s Legion. These ships fill the need for a set of dedicated pirate-level missile ships. They are specialized in long range high speed missile warfare, and make ideal skirmishers.

The Garmur frigate, Orthrus cruiser and Barghest battleship all share bonuses to missile damage, warp disruptor and scrambler range, and a special supercharged bonus to missile velocity. They also enjoy some of the best mobility in their classes, allowing them to use range and speed to engage against overwhelming odds. Their raw missile damage bonuses to all damage types also make them perfectly suited to using the deadly burst damage of Rapid Missile Launchers.

These ships will be available from the Mordu’s Legion LP store in their nullsec station, but most blueprints that make it to player hands will come from new Mordu’s Legion faction NPCs that will appear as rare spawns in all low security asteroid belts. More information on these ships and the other activities of Mordu’s Legion in Kronos will be coming in upcoming dev blogs. You can find all the applicable stats and provide feedback in this forum thread in our Features and Ideas subforum.


The Rise of Cheesy Devname Puns: Pirate Faction Ships

Frigate Forum Thread

Cruiser Forum Thread

Battleship Forum Thread

Pirate faction ships represent some of the most powerful and unique combat ships in EVE Online, and in the Kronos release they’ll be getting even better. All fifteen ships from the main pirate factions are receiving a rebalance and the end result is some of the most exciting ships the game has ever seen.

Each of the pirate factions has a unique way that their ships “break the rules” that other ships follow. These unique and powerful abilities represent the resourcefulness and disregard for convention shared by successful outlaw organizations. In Kronos we are reinforcing this theme of rule breaking and ensuring that all of the pirate factions have an exciting and identifiable trait that sets them apart from the pack.


The Serpentis ships provided the example of what other pirate ships should and could be. They already had their unique game changer feature in the form of a 10% per level bonus to Stasis Webifier effectiveness. This bonus allows Serpentis ships to show their target down to 10% speed with one module and make escaping their brutal close range particle blasters nearly impossible.

Since the Serpentis theme was working so well, the changes to their ships in Kronos are more subtle than the other pirate factions. The Vigilant cruiser needed the most help and is receiving significantly more targeting range and speed. The Daredevil frigate and Vindicator battleship are already in a very good place and will be receiving smaller tweaks.


The Guristas ships are receiving a new and unique trait, the ability to field small numbers of superpowered drones. Each ship receives a gigantic role bonus to the damage and hitpoints for drones of a specific size: light drones for the Worm frigate, medium drones for the Gila cruiser, and both heavy and sentry drones for the Rattlesnake battleship. These bonuses allow the Guristas ships to field two superpowered drones that fight with the ferocity and durability of much larger drone swarms.

The Guristas ships also enjoy impressive shield defenses through a resistance bonus and punishing missile damage with either kinetic or thermal damage.


The Angel Cartel ships have always been very strong, enjoying impressive speed, agility and long range damage enabled by projectile falloff bonuses. Before Kronos, however, they lacked that special something that breaks the normal ship patterns and set them apart.

In Kronos the Dramiel frigate, Cynabal cruiser and Macheriel battleship will be gaining a special role bonus that increases their warp speed and acceleration by 50% above and beyond the other ships in their classes. This will help reinforce the Angel role as supreme fast attack vessels that can hit and run with ease.

Blood Raiders

The Blood Raiders vessels have long enjoyed the strongest energy warfare in New Eden, and their Bhaalgorn battleship enjoys a venerable role in group PVP. However before Kronos the Cruor frigate and Ashimmu cruiser had languished in relative mediocrity.

In the Kronos release all of the Blood Raider ships will be gaining a new “rule breaking” bonus to Nosferatu modules that ensures they will always drain enemy capacitor no matter what your own capacitor level is. The Blood Raider stasis webifier bonus is also being unified to a range bonus across the whole line of ships and the Cruor and Ashimmu are receiving significant upgrades to their speed and slot layouts.

Sansha’s Nation

The Sansha’s Nation ships are some of the most iconic pirate vessels in EVE, and their Nightmare battleship has long served as a staple of high-end PVE gameplay. On the other hand, the Succubus frigate and Phantasm cruiser have suffered from poor performance relative to their costs.

In the Kronos release all of the Sansha’s Nation ships will be receiving a huge new bonus to Afterburner velocity bonuses. This will enable them to travel extremely quickly while using less capacitor, enjoying lower signature profiles, and shrugging off scramblers.

For more information on all of these pirate faction ships and to provide your feedback, check out our Features and Ideas forum threads for the frigates, cruisers, and battleships.


There's Morphite in them thar ‘roids!: The Prospect

(click to enlarge)

Dev Blog

When the Venture mining frigate was introduced in late 2013 it quickly became one of the most popular ships in EVE Online history. The combination of a low barrier of entry, excellent mobility and decent mining yield attracted many pilots. In the Kronos release we are introducing a tech two progression path from the Venture, with the Prospect.

The Prospect is the first in a new class of Expedition Frigates, designed for exploiting the deepest and most remote stretches of space. It sports improved ore mining capability, gas mining yield that matches its predecessor, a larger ore bay, improved defenses and most importantly, the ability to fit Covert Ops Cloaking Devices. This allows the Prospect to get to and from asteroid fields in the most dangerous areas of space, as well as take advantage of covert jump bridges from Black Ops Battleships to bypass deadly chokepoints.

For more information on the Prospect’s stats, as well as other improvements to mining in dangerous space, check out our recent dev blog.


Roid Rage: Mining Barges and Exhumers

Forum thread

Mining Barges and Exhumers are the backbone of large scale mining in EVE Online. They provide the greatest possible yields over time and can be seen in many asteroid belts across the New Eden cluster, satisfying the universe’s insatiable appetite for minerals.

In 2012 we rebalanced these ships to remove the old tier system and provide three distinct roles for players to choose from. In the Kronos release we are focusing and strengthening these roles to ensure that all pilots in EVE have the tools to meet their mining needs.

The Procurer and Skiff are the defensive barges and enjoy extremely strong tanks. In Kronos they will also be gaining a drone damage bonus so that miners can choose to punch back at anyone who would threaten their industrial operations.

The Retriever and Mackinaw continue to enjoy the greatest ore holds of any mining ships and are receiving smaller changes since they are already the most popular barges by far.

The Covetor and Hulk will be gaining even more yield to strengthen their position as the most profitable mining ship in all of EVE Online. They are also gaining a completely new bonus to strip miner and ice harvester range that will allow them to more efficiently clear their asteroid belts, especially when working in teams.

For all the juicy details on these barge and exhumer changes, as well as connected changes to mining crystals and gang links, check out this forum thread.


Space Truckin’: Freighters and Jump Freighters

Forum thread

Freighters and Jump Freighters are the most heavy duty haulers in New Eden, and serve as the life blood of EVE Online’s living economy. These ships have always been very powerful and effective movers of freight, but before Kronos they have lacked any choice or customization gameplay. Player freedom is at the core of everything we do at CCP and we are always striving to ensure that every aspect of EVE provides interesting choices for players to make.

We have worked through several different approaches for providing this crucial player choice to Freighters and Jump Freighters. After discussion with you and with the CSM we have settled on low-power fitting slots as the best method. In Kronos, each Freighter and Jump Freighter will have three low power slots that can be used to customize your ship to meet your specific needs at any given time.

The stats of each freighter and jump freighter are being changed to work with the new low slots, so for all the details and to provide feedback go check our forum thread in the Features and Ideas section.


The Transporters: Blockade Runners and Deep Space Transports

(click to enlarge)

Blockade Runner forum thread

Deep Space Transport forum thread

Transport Ships are the advanced tech two versions of the ubiquitous Industrial Ships, and fall into two classes each with their unique specializations.

Blockade Runners are designed to carry smaller amounts of cargo quickly and securely through all kinds of space. Their access to Covert Ops Cloaking Devices has given them a strong and useful role, and in Kronos we are reinforcing that role through slightly increased cargo, improved slot layouts and a new bonus to warp velocity.

Deep Space Transports are heavier duty haulers designed to take a beating and keep on rolling. They have not been compelling choices for most pilots before Kronos, so we are giving them some very significant improvements. All Deep Space Transports will be gaining a large fleet hangar that allows the carrying of significant loads without sacrificing defenses and provides new opportunities for group gameplay. These ships also sport extremely strong defenses and a unique bonus to the benefits of overheating defensive and propulsion modules. This allows a clever Deep Space Transport pilot to shrug off attack until help can arrive or until it makes its way to safety.

All of the details on these changes can be found in our Features and Ideas forum threads for Blockade Runners and Deep Space Transports.


The Real Torpedo of Truth: Phoenix and Citadel Missiles

(click to enlarge)

Forum thread

The Phoenix dreadnaught has been in need of a revitalization for quite some time and we are giving it the love it needs in the Kronos release. We are giving this capital ship a new shield resistance bonus, as well as allowing it to hit just as hard with all damage types.

We’re also vastly increasing the speed of the citadel missiles themselves and making some changes to their damage application so that pilots using them will find their damage more generally consistent.

All the details and feedback can be found in this forum thread in Features and Ideas.


Capsuleers’ Best Friend: Combat Drones Rebalance

(click to enlarge)

Dev Blog

Drones are one of the most popular weapon systems in EVE and are used on a huge variety of ships in a huge variety of situations. In the Kronos release we are introducing a huge set of changes to all kinds of combat drones in order to improve the experience for all drone users.

We are balancing drones between different factions (meaning that Amarr and Caldari drones should now be much more useful), rarity levels and sizes, we are making drones easier and more consistent for new players to train for, and we are adding new low slot Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancers.

We are also increasing the engagement range and optimal ranges of most drones to reduce the negative effects of a drone’s own orbit velocity on its tracking.

All the details of these changes can be found in this Dev Blog.


If The Mod Fits: New Modules and Module balance

Medium Micro Jump Drive Thread

Hyperspatial Accelerator Thread

Transverse Bulkhead Thread

Nosferatu Thread

As most of you will have come to expect from us by now, we are also introducing a collection of new modules and module rebalances in the Kronos release to ensure that every player has an excellent variety of interesting choices to make when fitting their ships.

We are adding a new Medium Micro Jump Drive module, which is similar to the Large variant but can be fit to Combat Battlecruisers, Command Ships and Deep Space Transports. More details in this thread.

We are also introducing a new set of low slot warp speed modules called Hyperspatial Accelerators. These modules provide a flat bonus to a ship’s warp speed and will be especially popular with slow ships like Freighters. All the details can be found in this thread.

We are also adding new rigs in the Kronos release. Known as Transverse Bulkhead rigs, they add hull hitpoints at the expense of cargo capacity and will open up new options for effective honor tanking. All the details can be found in this thread.

We are also making improvements to Nosferatu modules in Kronos. All Nosferatu modules will cycle faster than before, increasing their effectiveness over time and making them even more useful for keeping other modules alive under extreme capacitor pressure. These changes pair especially well with the revamped Blood Raider ships that we have already discussed. All the details can be found in this thread.


I hope you have all enjoyed this walk through the ship and module balance changes of the Kronos release. We are very happy to be releasing all of these new and rebalanced ships and modules for your personal enjoyment this upcoming Tuesday June 3rd.

Until next time, this is @CCP_ Fozzie signing off.

Fly safe!